Monday, November 25, 2013

At Some Point, What Else Is There To Train?

Someone once pointed out that to train all of Eve's skills on a single character to level V you needed more than two decades, and since my main is only 7 years of skill training I still have a long way to go.

But more seriously, my main character, Kirith Kodachi, is about 132 million skill points in for pure combat pilot goodness and I still have skills that need finishing despite doing nothing but fine tuning for the past year.
Kirith Kodachi
Right now I'm getting the Link Specialist skills to V for the tech II warfare link implants, and as I talked about last week, ISIS showed me some places for improvement for even my basic favourite ships like the Incursus, requiring the armour compensation skills and tech II small hybrid specialization skills to get that coveted Mastery Level V certification. I'm a sucker for external validation.

All in all, just taking a quick browse in EVE Mon I've for a 108 day skill queue for Kirith and that is not even trying; still got a long road to go.

But what do you do with an alt?

Alts are weird things; typically created and trained for a specific purpose sometimes they can get a life of their own. I had an industrial alt in the past that morphed into a combat pilot and got trained for flying a Maelstrom with Tech II artillery. It just got to a point where there was no more industrial or science skills to train on her and putting on some fighting skills made sense, until I realized I didn't need a second combat character. I don't dual box PvP very well and I like using Kirith. So she got sold.

Now I'm facing a similar problem with my current stable of alts.

Jump Freighter alt? Check. Cyno alt? Check. Planetary Interaction alt? Check. Trader alt? Check. Builder alt? Check. Cloaky scout alt? Check. Cloaky hauler alt? Check.

In many cases I have multiple alts to cover the same role. Its kind of ridiculous. But the worst part is I'm running out of useful things to train on my two alt accounts (fansite free account for the win!) so I'm struggling to come up with skill plans. After all, the skill point totals of my main alts: 48 million, 38 million, ~32 million, and 15 million. Gah.

Anyway, I sat down with EVE Mon and figured out some holes that could use filling for these secondary professionals. Korannon needs some Corporation Contracting followed by some Jump Fuel Conservation V and Jump Drive Navigation V, bringing him to 61 days and putting off my decisions for another couple months. On my other account, my alt Kelarran is going to work on Planetary Interaction skills for a future project and that requires 92 days of training.

So the skill queue crisis of 2013 is put off... for now.


  1. Anonymous4:25 pm

    I've been reaching the same kind of wall. I've only got ~70 mil SP. I recently finished up cruise missiles V, which was my last weapon system to T2 everything on. Most everything else right now is just 2 week skills for very little benefit (AF V, missile bombardment V, afterburner V, etc). The only real areas with some room to grow are industry (not too interested in it), battleships V (which I rarely fly - much less mauraders or black ops), or capital ships (which I'd really never fly).

    It's nice to finish up a long skill and know you are fully proficient with it (like drone interfacing or acceleration control). But it's also fun to unlock new potentials. Sadly, there are only so many new areas to try out within a particular play style. Maybe that's why some people take up multiboxing?

  2. I run a logi alt in incursions for spare change. after maxing out your choice of cruiser, max fitting, max rep, max defence. there's a bunch of months.

    1. And then train armor if shield and vice versa. And make sure you can fly both scimitar and basilisk (onieros/guardian). As a good logi pilot, you make yourself more useful if you can support both cruisers for both armor and shield.