Thursday, August 29, 2013

Project Vulcan - Stage II

Despite being busy as hell at work things in Eve are progressing well.

I've built and sold seven Orcas so far for a average profit per build around 120 million ISK and a total profit sitting at just over 824 million ISK, ignoring the initial investment cost of 3.24 billion for BPOs (ouch).

I've reached a stage of constant production of Cargo Bays and Orcas but my Orca production has a significantly longer cycle such that I actually am going to have two sets of parts ready for the next build. I'm thinking of purchasing a second Orca BPO to try and prevent materiel build up like this.

In other industrial news, I've continued my Nennamaila importing business and continue to make a steady stream of income from that source. Its slow, but steady. Buy your low sec supplies in Nenna, folks!

Now if only I could stop with the expensive losses...


  1. sooooooo. how much for an orca?

  2. Prices vary depending on mineral costs but if you are interested in ordering one email me :)