Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Moving On Up

I don't talk about my in game PvP activities much anymore on the blog unless something interesting or noteworthy happens for similar reasons as I don't talk about my logistical moves of assets much anymore: it got repetitive and boring.

I still PvP almost exclusively when I'm online for periods of time and I still love being in Faction Warfare and part of the militia, for all the warts and trials that come with an uncontrolled grouping of players. (But seriously, disconnecting Minmatar and Gallente can not come soon enough).

Can you tell when I lost my Low Grade Snake Pods?

As you can see from my killboard history, prior to joining Faction Warfare in late June of 2012 I struggled to get 9 kills in a month. Afterwards I doubled or trebled my activity. Joining Aideron Robotics in January of 2013 has allowed me to continue to get in fights and see consistent action.

And this month I broke into the top ten of Aideron's pilots:
I'm coming for you Marcel!
Admittedly, this comes with a big caveat that some pilots have come and gone (and in some cases, come back again!) while I've been steadily consistent every month, and I'm not bragging about my abilities in any way shape or form, but I'm happy to climb the killboard ladder slowly but surely.

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