Tuesday, August 20, 2013

PLEX For Blog Banter Summaries

Thanks to the hard work of Seismic Stan, blog summaries from previous blog banters were created and the writers were awarded a PLEX from CCP for their efforts as a reward for community support.

During the transition of the banters from Stan to myself I wanted to double check with our CCP contact that the PLEX for summaries was still operational and this past week I have received that confirmation.

So with that in hand I'm looking for summarizer volunteers to write up summaries for the following Blog Banters:

BB45: Propaganda --  EDIT: Volunteer working on it
BB47: Knowledge  --  EDIT: Volunteer working on it
BB48: Lore

What Is A Summary?

The summary is basically a blog post on your own blog that links to all the post submitted for the banter in question and puts them into some kind of context. You can, for example, compare and contrast opposing viewpoints on an contentious issue, grouping banter entries into groups. Or you can get very creative and write an in character story that links the banters together. Look at some old summaries to get an idea of the latitude.

How to Sign Up

If you are interested in volunteering to be summarizer, please email me at kkodachigmail
com and let me know if you have a specific one in mind. First come, first served with preference being given to people who have not summarized previously.


  1. Two of them have been assigned, anyone for the latest banter about Lore?

  2. I can if nobody else wants to. I did the community awards about 8 months ago so already had a PLEX recently (I did wonder where it came from tbh).

    But if you don't get anyone else, hit me up.