Thursday, July 25, 2013

Project Vulcan Full Speed Ahead

I've entered a local maximum on my progress of capital construction.I have a deal with another budding capital constructor who has agreed to build Orcas with me and I'm building on a weekly basis the Capital Cargo Bay parts we both need while he builds the rest of the parts. Then we swap and both build an Orca. This allows me to put off buying the rest of the BPOs I need while I build up capital AND avoid having to use BPCs in the meantime which cut into profit.

The hope is to get to a state where I am constantly building an Orca which is possible once I sell the current Orca that is due out of the oven tomorrow morning.

The next goal is to get another of the capital part BPOs which might take a while since each one, researched, costs around a billion ISK. Sigh. But at constant Orca production rates I hope to make enough profit to get the blueprints I need at a rate of one every two months.

Meanwhile, I have scaled back my importing business into low sec. The big problem is I used a lot of my liquid ISK to get the blueprints so I couldn't put as much on market as I have in the past. I did consider shutting it down entirely but instead I'm simply going to cut it back as it is still a source of income. I bought another load of ships to import last night and will get them to market later today.

All in all, things are going well.

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  1. Welcome to capital ship construction. I've started a similar thing (dreads not orcas, but same in nature) and it's amazing how easily those cap BPOs eat up liquid isk. Let me know if you'd like to do some kind of capital researched bpc swap. I currently have capital capacitor batteries, construction parts, and will soon start research on capital computer system.