Monday, July 29, 2013

Board Game Party

No Eve for me this weekend, I was at a local fair with the family on Friday and a board game party on Saturday, so Sunday I was spending time with the wife in the evening.

Here are some pictures from the board games.
Elder Signs.
We played Elder Signs twice (in which I kept saying Eldar instead of elder, my old 40K background coming back) and won both times.


Illuminati later in game

Last Night on Earth zombie game
 We played Last Night on Earth twice, zombies won both times. We are good strategy players and the Zombies just have the advantage in spades.

Tsutio or something like that.

Boss Monster. Awesome game with 4 players.

Apparently I am the worst Carcassonne player ever.


  1. No Settlers of Catan? Boooooooo!

    Though you at least had Carcasonne going. That's a plus.

    That Illuminati looks very different than the collectible card game version that I had back in the 90's.

    And honestly, I've not heard of any of the others. I should probably talk to my friend who used to own a board game store about them. I'm sure he can tell me every last little detail . . . . .

  2. And I just expanded the Illuminati pic and it actually looks just like the game I had back in the 90's. Nevermind me. . . . .

  3. I'm very jealous that you seem to have a group of fellow board game loving friends.
    My wife and son both enjoy them, but our friends are very much 'mainstream' board gamers, such as Monopoly (BOOOO!!) if at all.

    Saying that, I picked up Star Trek Catan 2 days ago and we're having fun with that at home.
    Glad to see you've got Carcasonne there, it's a great little game. Tsuro is great too, but I hate how easy it is to spank the tiles around the board. they should be able to sit in the board but still touch edges so you don't have to be so careful with it.