Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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I am going on vacation for a few days, taking the kids to the Zoo and Wonderland in Toronto. So this will be the last post until next week. Unless I get bored and inspired at the hotel. With these monkeys, that's not likely.

Since its Tuesday, let's do a Tank Tuesday!

Last week I logged into World of Tanks again and looked around. Yeah, I got the treadhead bug again. It took me a couple matches to find my groove and it sucks playing on a Standard account as it means I usually lose credits with my JagdPanther II due to the insane cost of shells for the guns, but I was able to upgrade to the big gun on the tank finally and actually have some decent chance to penetrate Tier 8+ heavies again.

The Tier 7 Jagdpanther tank destroyer and Tier 5 Panzer IV medium continue to be my best tanks with a Ace Tanker Mastery Badge1 each, and I've been trying to drive better with my Tier 7 medium VK30.02D as I too often treat it like a tough brawler instead of a long sniper. I really am missing my Tiger II heavy tank and desperately trying to avoid dropping some cash to get gold to buy it so I can drive my monster again. Sigh.

We'll see if the current tank driving holds up before I get too frustrated again. With no new tanks affordable on the horizon for me it could be a short stay.

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  1. Visiting the Panda's, eh?

    We're taking the lads in July.


  2. Enjoy the Zoo! Haven't been to either the Zoo or Wonderland since I moved away from TO, but I have good memories of both.