Monday, June 17, 2013

Odyssey Thoughts

So I've had two good play sessions in Odyssey now, doing my PvP thing and I want to put out there my impressions so far.


I personally have not gone looking for tags either in belts or on market but it nice to know the option is out there. I hear its put some people into the belts in low sec which is good as they have been ignored for a long time. Last night on comms one guy was commenting on how he spent a lot of ISK to get his sec status back up but in a few short ops had come back down to about -5 again. So I guess the tags are really only if you have too much ISK or plan to stay positive sec status. For me, I like the PvP opportunities my -9.8 gets me.

New Ships

I have yet to see the new Battlecruisers in space, but I did sell three Navy Brutix BPCs to pad my wallet. This one will take a long time to tell if it makes a huge splash or not.

Rebalanced Ships

The Tiericide initiative has breathed some new life into battleship theorycrafting but in low sec at least is has not translated to more battleships in space. Faction cruisers on the other hand, especially Navy Vexors, have become very popular and the fleet I was in last night was made up primarily of Navy Vexors and Navy Augorors, and we attacked a fleet with Navy Ospreys. Bizarre to this old timer.

Probing / New Hacking Minigame

Haven't tried it yet.

New Jump Effect

Nice but has faded into background noise for me now. This is a good thing as you don't want something you are going to be doing 40-50 times a session to become jarring or annoying.

Discovery Scanner

Like the jump effect, I don't even notice the anoms and sigs anymore when I jump into a system unless I'm looking for a plex in particular. When I try exploring I will have more feedback.

Radial Menus

This for me has been a big win. I set it up on my left click mouse button with medium delay and I use it a lot when selecting things in the overview. Its very handy with the sliding function for quickly selecting different ranges for orbiting. More like this please!

Resource Rebalancing

It is ostensibly the reason for the big war in Fountain between Goon-led CFC and TEST Alliance but I have not experienced any other impacts locally in low sec yet.

* * * * *

Big lesson from this post: I need to try probing and the new minigame.


  1. When you try the minigame and win, have someone else with you. It makes picking up the loot a lot easier.

  2. Anonymous6:34 am

    Or rather, takea cargo scanner with you. Usually only 2-5 cans have something valuable in them anyway. Depening on what you see in the scan before you hack, you know which cans to pull. The rest can be safely ignored.