Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How To: Eve's New Launcher

I've read and heard about a lot of people not liking the new launcher and after I figured out the optimal way to use it I like it. It's easier to switch characters than ever before. Let me show you how.

1) Open the launcher and click the Auto Play checkbox in the bottom right corner.

2) In the settings on the Start Up tab, make sure you uncheck the box for closing Eve Launcher after starting.

3) Log in and it will auto-launch the client. Select your character, start playing.

4) Meanwhile, the launcher is waiting patiently behind the scenes for you.

5) If you want to be another character on the same account, just close the client and hit PLAY on the launcher. You are still logged in! If you want to launch a second client, just switch to launcher and click the "Switch Account" link, enter username and password and hit enter and BOOM! New client launches.

Easy mode.


  1. Anonymous2:09 pm

    I've got 2 accounts and two monitors, one for each. Currently I launch them from separate shortcuts made with symlinks so each client will use it's own settings folder (and thus remember the screen it's on, overview settings, window layouts, etc).

    Is there a way to do this via the launcher?

  2. That I do not know, as I only have one screen. I suspect with the way Windows works they probably need two installations, one for each launcher. CCP would be the people to ask.

  3. One thing I learned this morning: if the client (not the launcher) offers to download an update, it is better to quickly close the launcher before continuing: the update might touch the launcher itself, and will fail if the launcher is still running.

  4. Araziah, that is exactly the problem I have.

    I have three shortcuts, with synlinks creating three different folders. Each account has it's own settings, windows layouts, defaults on various screens, key bindings, etc.

    Currently I have to run the launchers, then I have to work out which launcher I'm looking at. I basically make a good guess. Hopfully I get the right account matched up with the right launcher. If I don't, then I need to exit the launcher and try again. Basically it's all completely random guessing game. Also I switch between chars on the same accounts, so the guessing game continues all evening.

    All I need is one SIMPLE fix. Make the launcher pre-populate the account name based on information sorted in it's setting folder. That's all that is needed.

  5. My problem with the launcher : Resetting PI.

    I have more than one account, and I do PI.

    I spend non-trivial amount of time.
    Log in to Account A,
    As soon as eve client starts, Switch account; log into Account B
    Alt-tab : select Account A, Pilot 1, do PI.
    During a warp, Alt-tab : switch user account, select Account B, Pilot 1, do more PI

    At some stage I have finished PI on Account A, Pilot 1.

    I then need to re-log back into Account A to select Pilot A2
    I then need to re-log back into Account B to select Pilot B2

    I then need to re-log back into Account A to select Pilot A3
    I then need to re-log back into Account B to select Pilot B3

    For me; let me have the multiple instances of the launcher running. That way I would not need to type the password (quick) and do the login handshake (slow) each time.

    The current launcher is pleasant to use for single accounts, swapping betweeen pilots; login credentials are remembered for 6 hours.

    The current launcher has additional time delays for multiple accounts, and causes unnecessary frustration.

    I am seriously considering creating one separate eve installation per account

  6. You should try it as a linux user. Most of us have given up and are launching the eve client directly. C:\Program Files\CCP\EVE\bin\ExeFile.exe

  7. I just launch from the Exe file. Launching 4 clients quickly from the launcher ain't happening.
    Hell, in the time it takes the launcher to load I can already have 1 client logging in using the exe shortcut.