Monday, June 24, 2013

Denying Fights - Short Term Win vs Long Term Loss

Without further comment I'm going toe repost something from a post by Unforgiven Storm on his blog, failed CSM8 candidate and Goon, titled The Will to Login is a Two Way Street:

Then The Mittani made a post where he explains that our “foremost goal is always the denial of the enjoyment of the enemy: no fun allowed for our enemies”. He’s forgetting that he is also denying fun for his people, but he is the boss and this is not a democracy, so shut up and fight. And that I did. 
We now decided to include in our tactics blue balling, we form up 1000 people in 3 or more fleets, the enemy joins 1000 people to fight us, makes 20 jumps under TIDI, takes then 1 hours to come to us and we dock. They get pissed like hell and go back under TIDI and takes them another hour. Fun yes, for a moment, I get some laughs but not has fun has fight them and killing them would be, that is for sure. 
Yesterday I went on the new Baltec fleet, the FC decided to blue ball them and went to a pos, after 2 hours of showing them our dicks we come back home and they left furious. Everybody was laughing, hahaha… 
After dinner I see 2 pings for Baltec and Tengu fleets… I closed my computer and went to bed earlier.
(Emphasis mine)


  1. Wow. Just wow. I wouldn't last three minutes in that situation. No one tells Rixx when or where to fight!!

    1. low sec is THAT populated now? you can find fights every three minutes? are you doing FW? XD

    2. Low sec, in FW space, is pretty populated such that finding fights is easy.

  2. in the current lowsec/fw climate, you could quite possibly get 3 fight in 3 minutes.

    Getting back to the OP, this smacks of goon all over. Whilst it is difficult these days to find a corp/alliance that allows fun (and the goona are the bottom of the barrel), those corps/alliances are still out there.