Monday, May 27, 2013

Can't Get No Respect

I don't understand the pure vitrol some people hold against website.

I was in the Eve Podpack Skype channel and had this line while some typical EN24 bashing was occuring:
I don't get why respectable people let him "syndicate" their blogs
Well, being one of the aforementioned syndicated blogs I spoke up in my flippant way.
ISK, sweet ISK for nothing
 Its not actually for nothing. I spend effort and time writing my posts but I write them for my blog and EN24 pays me a small ISK fee to republish certain posts as they see fit on their site. The response from the other person was:
Not for nothing, you are now associated with his shitty site
 Someone else piped up:
sure Ripard gets 125m ISK for each syndicated piece
now at 1 article a week, that's a free account right there
for doing nothing other than what he was already doing
(Disclaimer: I do not know how much EN24 pays other bloggers for their posts and I do not know if the number quoted above is accurate.)

To which the first responded:
except for selling his dignity
See? can't get no respect. The discussion went on for a little while with the point revolving around whether or not has any value or not due to preceived biases and "bad reporting". Obviously I'm biased in that I'm paid by the site for my occasional posts but I do want to say something.

I wrote for Eve Tribune and did editor duties for years and I know the effort that goes into a public news site. For something like EN24 or where timeliness of reporting is as important as accuarcy and I can sympathize with the effort and imagine it must be even more difficult with people actively trolling you with supposed "leak" mails and comminques.

And does anyone remember what reporting used to be like before EN24? Having to go to forums like Corporation, Alliance, and Organization Discussion (AKA CAOD) on the official forums or Scrapheap Challenge and wade through thousands of "you mad, bro?" posts to get to any possible good meat and having a 50/50 chance its pure shit anyways? When EN24 started and pulled the reporting into one site with a modicum of fact checking I send an email to Czech Lion personally thanking him for his hard work.

As for the bias of EN24, I'm fairly removed from any null sec politics right now so I can't tell you if its bad or really bad. I know some items seem sensationalistic and others could use tighter editing, but I also remember its a volunteer run site and could close up tomorrow if the operators have had too much. It takes a lot of work and I take it for what it is: another slice of the Eve metagame.

I have no problem whatsoever with my blog or me being associated with and my dignity is just fine.

* * * * *
For the record, I think is a fine site as well.

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  1. Just to point out this started off from me posting a #ff on twitter and then getting the following reply