Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Whoa Dude"

On Sunday I was roaming with Gal Mil pilots in a fleet prior to the standoff with the Caldari fleet. I was in on some sweet kills including a point where a Keres baited me to the sun but underestimated my ability to pound him to dust before his buddies in Talwars could show up. They found themselves caught by my fleet coming to help me and one of them died as well while I managed to survive (dual rep for the win).

But I'm not here to talk about that fun little fight. After that tussle we were heading back to Nennamaila when a fleet member a jump head in his Navy Comet ran into a Caldari war target called Dromindine in a State Hookbill and they engaged each other. Myself and several others rushed to help out and, long story short, the Comet pilot died but we killed the Hookbill in return. Pretty standard stuff, right?

"That's going on the blog!" I said in teamspeak with glee. Tears, I do love them.

Dromindine: you're in a militia at war, in a combat ship, in low sec, engaging enemy targets. You're going to die, no point getting upset over it. You even got a kill out of the deal. Whiner.

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  1. Right uo there with, "Hey, why'd you kill me? I was just minding my own biz mining in that low sec belt!!"