Monday, March 04, 2013

Only In Gal Mil

I love the warzone. Its such an eclectic mix of professionals and newbies that you never know how anything will go unless its your usual opponents, and even then things can get crazy.

Take for example, last night.

A fleet was up led by the indefatigable Glitch Lampshade of Villore Accords and I gladly joined. We were set for a quick cruise up to Tama in Tech I cruisers with some armour logi and I grabbed a Vexor from my stable of ships as its a perfect fit for this type of fleet.

We were in Tama looking for a fight when we jumped into Sujarento in chase of a small fleet that got away when I accidentally closed my Eve client. As I scrambled to get it back up and running the fleet was moving back into Tama and was at the Kedama gate, then I jumped and weirdness started to happen.

In fleet chat we see: "[Xyrias Kr'yal Arbosa]: XXXXX"
"Um, why are you x'ing in fleet, Xyrias?"

In chat: "[Xyrias Kr'yal Arbosa]: WWWW"

Then another fleet member says: "Ah, he's here at the Nourv gate in Tama and he's engaged a red Ashimmu, Thrasher, and Osprey. I'm holding cloak."

Glitch: "Shit! Everyone warp to Nourv gate when you land!"

But me, I was not in warp. I had reconnected and jumped through to Tama as the game auto-connected me back to the fleet (thanks CCP!) so I hit warp to Xyrias and got a head start on the fleet.

Now the three pirates, had they seen our fleet arrive as one might have bolted but since I lucked out and landed as the fleet was turning around they engaged me knowing I would probably not jump into high sec being a filthy pirate and all.

I latched onto that Ashimmu and ordered my drones into the fray.
How to Tackle an Ashimmu. Step 5 is "Get Neuted to Uselessness"

 Despite getting neuted to hell and back I managed to keep him scrammed / distracted long enough for more points to arrive and the fleet to finish the job. We got the Osprey too incidentally, but the Thrasher got away I think.

Look at the Osprey fit and Ashimmu fit in those killmails and you can see what these guys were doing camping that gate. The Osprey could sensor boost the Thrasher or Ashimmu to near insta-lock times and then the Ashimmu's neuting and web bonus with faction web would prevent anything from running while the Osprey repped any possible damage. Its a nice little gate camp trio.

Or rather was.

Oh, an that initial guy, Xyrias who engaged them to being with? "My kids were playing minecraft earlier in the day and fucked up my push-to-talk button. I was screaming for help but mic wasn't open."

Only in Gal Mil. :)

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