Monday, March 04, 2013

Eve Industrial Tool

I received an email asking for me to take a new mobile tool for a spin called EVE Online Industrial Tool:
I'm one of your fan (blog, podcast, Eon articles, ...), your podcast is really cool :D Never stop it :)
I'm the developer of Eve online industrial tool (
As I know you are a good industrialist and you're playing Eve for long time, I want to know if you could give me some feedback on my app. I know you don't have lot's of time, your family, your job, (btw: same problem for me ;)) but every suggestions are good to know.
And if you want to publish an artical on your blog, that would be really cool :D
Thank you very much for your time.
Fly safe.

Flattery will get you everywhere around here!

I asked him for a list of functions and he sent this:

So a list of the basic functionality by screen : - Item list (shows your favorite items)
- Item info
-> Item prices (based on eve central) and calculated price
->Blueprint/reaction information
-> Material list (with wasted materials in red; based on your skills)
- Blueprint info
-> Details on blueprint
-> Invention screen (for tech2 items) displays the blueprint cost to invent and the profit done with the produced blueprint copy
- Manufacture
-> displays the manufacturing plan for the given item (shopping list, every step to produce the final item)
-> the price distribution (shows you the materials that cost you the most)
- Location prices
-> shows the prices of a given item in your favorite stations
- Assets
-> list the item present in your production station (used in production plan calculation process)
- Mining session
-> manage your mining session and let you know at all time the cost of your refined ore that you have in your cargo
- Parameters
-> change settings
-> set your api credential, Character
-> set production/trade station and favorite stations
I put it on my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note... love the huge screen, never go back to small) and can confirm that it is free and runs really nice. I don't do a lot of industrial stuff besides Planetary Interaction these days but can see the value in investigating blueprints on the fly and I love, just LOVE, being able to compare item prices in two hubs for things I care about at a glance.

Overall I'm impressed and would recommend you give the free app a try on your Android device.

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  1. Anonymous1:25 pm

    You got two birds with one stone. I'll check out the app, and that's one thumbs up for a Note (my upgrade is coming soon and I want one)!