Friday, January 25, 2013

Fly Safe Back Guard

Over at Anabaric;s blog So Many Demons he announces that Kadavar Black Guard is folding into the famous pirate corporation, The Bastards, and moving back to Minmatar space:
As of this week Kadavr Black Guard has folded into The Bastards, this move secures The Bastards future in New Eden as an active corporation, and brings the Kadavr's back to their spiritual home. Nashh always loved The Bastards, and that's where I first met him as their recruitment officer.
For the time being, my corp, the Kadavr Crimson Guard, will be unaffected and continue to operate as part of the Gallente milita.

I wish all the Bastards good hunting.


  1. I'm glad to hear the Bastards are going strong. I came very close to joining them back in the day, right before the call came to head back to Providence and fight yet another war... you remember that.

    I am bummed that they remain part of SC however, So few truly independent Pirate corps left these days.

    1. Its the trend lately, bigger and bigger entities.