Thursday, December 06, 2012

Tripping Up In The Algos

Last night the wife said "I'm calling my mom" which is code for "going to chat for half and hour or more so entertain yourself".

"Excellent," says I, "time to fool around in Eve."

I logged in and decided to give that new Algos a trial run. I undocked from Heydieles and headed towards Tama. Felt nice to be in space in a new ship again. Dear CCP, time for those new Battleships to fill out the lines.

Anyways, I jumped in Hasmijaala and found a neutral in a Daredevil there with me. I started to head back to the gate wondering if this neutral would engage a little old criminal anarchist like me. Sure enough he came right at me. I tried to give a good fight but the drones and blasters were not enough damage in time before my armour melted under the Daredevil's big damage.

I went back to Heydieles vowing to come back for revenge. I reshipped to a Worm and went looking for that Taek'il. It took a few minutes of searching but finally found him in Eranakko. This time I had the drones out and rockets blasting but I forgot to start the shield booster early and forgot to overheat it and ultimately it did me in as I exploded with the Daredevil in structure.

We exchanged more "gf"s in local and pleasant conversation about how close it was, then I docked in system and logged as my wife was off the phone and we had some Survivor to watch.

* * * * *

Just before bedtime I figured I would move my pod back to Heydieles so I would be ready for the next impromptu roam. As I pulled into my home station I saw local spike with a wave of orange. The Caldari had arrived. I counted at least 17 hostiles. I debated going out in something to see if I could run into some stragglers. Then local spiked again but this time it was friendly purple. A fight was brewing... or in progress. Colour me interested...

I jumped onto Teamspeak and saw the fleet in a channel. I also noticed Marcel Devereaux was FCing the fleet. I joined up and got the low down that tht fight was happening at the sun over a strechted out battlefield. I needed something with range and defences. My Oracle. Perfect.

I warped to the sun and joined the fight. It was hectic fun and we held the field at the end. I was primaried once but the enemy lacked tackle and my armour held up and I was able to warp out. I came back and got on a few more killmails. It was great and made up for the earlier losses.

Once again Marcel is my hero.

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