Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Tripping the Algos

I have to try out the new Algos destroyer, I just love the look of it. The Corax looks neat too, but I can wait to try one of those.

Here is the fit I've settled on to try out for now:
Click for full size.

Decent damage, speed is not bad, but not a lot in the way of defense which I'm ok with. Let's see how long it takes for it to get destroyed.


  1. This is the fit I am using:

    Worked out pretty well yesterday (the second loss was due to my drones attacking rats rather than the target).

  2. Anonymous4:11 pm

    One refinement: Either the Meta 4 or T2 ANP gives slightly higher resists than the meta 4 EANM, while also opening up more CPU for a T2 damage control. This gives you about 200 more EHP while saving about 4 mil isk on the fit.

    Bonus points if you use a Shadow Serpentis ANP for a cool 350k.

  3. @araziah: good catch, my inexperience with the finer details of armour tanking is showing.