Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Project Hades Out, Project Foo In

A couple weeks ago I talked about how I was thinking of restarting Project Hades, my wormhole planetary production venture. I logged in my little holding alt I have in that system and realized I had completely forgotten about Player-Owned Custom Offices. Sure enough, every planet was covered and had a 100% tax installed.

Well shit.

Fortunately, I was directed in the comments to that post to Foo's Eve Musings, a small industrial corp that might be willing to have my alt on board to do PI for them in a wormhole. I talked with the CEO and we worked out the details: he would ignore Kirith's murderous tendencies and allow my alt into the corp, and I would be able to do PI and sell it to him at a discount price under trade hub prices.

This works for me because it means I get access to good quality planets but don't have to stress over the getting-products-to-market or product storage which was the real killer for the original Project Hades.

So Project Hades is out, Project Foo is born.

First step is to get the command centers I will need and find out where the wormhole exit is next time I am logged in.

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