Monday, December 10, 2012

I'm Infamous!

Last night I was out roaming and jumped into Aeschee and saw a pod sitting there, on the gate. Neutral to me. Well, I'm in a Ferox which can take a few blows from the sentry guns so I figured, what the hell.

Now, I'm in a slow assed blaster Ferox with scram and the pod is 26 km from me, It takes me a dog's age to lock and even get in scram range of the guy. He must have been stupid or AFK, because he did not move a meter.


Basic implants, nothing to write home about to mother.

A few minutes later I get an evemail.
I'm infamous!
Yes, the pod I popped determined I needed a bounty on me. Fifty million ISK. I feel so special! I was getting jealous of all the people with bounties while I had none, but now I do and I actually earned mine.

I feel so wanted...


  1. Let us know how the kill right transfer worked too. *grin* BTW, I've read this is a new form of "griefing." Lure hapless PvPers into exploding a pod and then turn the new bounty hunters on them. I'm not sure how that's griefing if the object of the bounty really wants PvP. Sounds like an early Christmas present in reality. Enjoy!

  2. I can't see it changing anything in how I fly since I'm already always looking for PvP already. It would have to be pretty high (like 500 million) and me flying Faction / Tech II cruisers and BS all the time to be worth hunting me.

  3. Lucky! I only have 1.1 million in bounty on my head :(

  4. Some wretched colonial dared to put 15m ISK on me. I ought to have him flogged.

  5. Keep up that attitude and I'll show you how deep my pocket change goes.... ;)

  6. Welcome to the club! I've been getting and paying out all week, lots of fun!

  7. Serves you right, given the bounty you put on me. :-P Which was mostly paid to Groons, BTW, after they killed one of my Drakes late last week, heh.

  8. In other news, I think a lot of us may never see our chins again.

  9. Hmmm. A market in Eve celebrity kill rights. The real sign of prestige becomes not what your bounty is, but how much the market will pay for the kill right on you.

    Anywhere to track that info?