Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Failure To Communicate

To many high level posts lately. Let's get back down to the dirt.

I logged in Sunday night and immediately went looking for a fleet. One was forming in Nennemaila area and I rushed over in my Dramiel to join up. I asked the FC if he wanted me in the tackler or something heavier as the fleet was basing around armour BCs, and he asked for heavier. Turns out I had the Talos Connall's Doom stored right there and I jumped into it.

Our fleet went out about 20 strong with 4 guardians backing us up. The Caldari fleet was roughly the same numbers. We danced for a while, no notable kills on either side.

Then the enemy engaged one of our bait/tackle ships and we jumped into the system and warped to the fight.  We locked each other up, stared shooting... I'm taking damage so I broadcast for armour... and it never arrives. We got utterly curbstomped.
I mean, utterly.
So afterwards on teamspeak as people were complaining that our logi fucked up and might as well not have been there, it turns out that they weren't.

The story goes like this...

The FC likes to move the logi to their own channel for a fight on teamspeak so they can coordinate and call targets without interfering with the combat target calling. Its not a bad idea. So in an earlier almost engagement the logi wing moved to channel 2. Then when the fight did not happen at that time, the logi were never told to come back up to the main channel.

Fast forward to the next fight, the FC gives the order on channel 1 for the fleet to jump and warp to the gate where the fight was happening. The logi pilots did not hear this command. By the time they figured out they should jump, the fleet was gone and they didn't know where to warp to, or who, or what range...

By the time the logi arrived at the fight we were going down hard and they only recourse was to escape. I did get my pod out, FYI.

Better luck next time, FC.

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  1. poor old Logi, always getting the blame for something they haven't done...