Friday, October 26, 2012

Sometimes You Should Not Undock

So let's go back to that Sleipnir I helped kill (or rather put out of its misery) early this week.
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Its easy to see what the goal of this fit was: massive tank via the dual X-Large Ancillary Shield Boosters on a ship with a shield boosting bonus. I estimate that with both running he could tank a couple close range battleships at point blank range with no effort for as long as his cap charges held out. Throw in a Blue Pill booster and he could take on those battleships and a couple smaller buddies. Alternatively, he could tank one or two foes indefinitely by alternating the shield boosters so that one is one while the other reloads (as long as charges in the cargo hold out).

The problem is what this ship fit has to do to fit those dual reppers.

A minor concern is the mixed weapon calibers. Since the Dual 180mm autocannons are only one tier smaller than the 220mm autocannons, they are pretty close in range and falloff properties. But it is worth noting that its rare to see a big ship like a Sleipnir command ship without the biggest caliber medium guns.

Another minor concern is the usage of four webbing drones. There is a good reason webbing drones are rarely seen in combat: they are slow, vulnerable to damage, and combined do less to slow down a target than one good webber midships. On top of that, for this fit unless you plan to take on a lot of frigates I can't see it doing much good that ship with small caliber cruiser sized weapons would need. One would think that damage drones to chase the frigates would be better.

No, the big concern I have is the 3 (!) CPU enhancing modules: Co_Processor II in low slots and two Processor Overclocking Unit rigs. Typically the rule of thumb is that one fitting module is OK, two is pushing the limits but might still be alright in radical fits, but three is a sure sign your fit is trying too hard and will fail. Worst part is, even with all skills at level V you still need a 3% (or 2% I suppose) CPU implant to make this sucker work.

Ultimately, all the tank in the world is not going to save you when you stumble into a 40 ship enemy fleet.

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  1. id undock in it..... wouldnt leave docking range.... but id undock non-the-less