Thursday, September 06, 2012

Training For Training's Sake

On Sunday Kirith Kodachi will be 6 years old.

I remember starting out and seeing some corps had a 5 million skill point requirement for applicants and being impressed that they were so high. A local pirate corp had a 10 million limit and I thought they were elite.

Over time the ceiling of what I thought was high slowly climbed as my skill points increased. I hit 5 million and pilots with 20 million I considered high. I got to 20 million and others hitting 50 million were elite. And so on.

Last week I finished my final Battleship V skill, Minmatar at last. The Vargur and Panther are mine. I can fly a Machariel with full bonuses. I put in the skills for the Legion and Loki and got them so that I can fly every sub-cap combat ship in the game. Just finishing the upper levels for the Legion and Loki for the next couple weeks.

What then?
Drone skills? Check.
Leadership skills? Check.
All weapon systems? Check.
A few more skills to level V that I never bothered before is all that is left.

I'm running out of things to unlock CCP. I guess I need to start saving for Gallente carrier skillbooks.


  1. Heh, my main character is just a couple days older than yours! I guess you haven't spread yourself as thinly as I have... or haven't taken as many breaks... I still have a pile of gunnery skills to train to be able to fit every weapon.

  2. This was a fun read! I've been having similar but different thoughts lately, as my character has just turned two years old. I've been wondering how the feel of the game must change when you get to the point that every skill you train is a level V, and each skill takes a month or so to train. Do you find you lose some steam for the game at that point?

  3. There are times where the game has been less than attractive to log in to as I advance along, but I keep trying new things and discovering the differences between them, such as the differences between null sec sov fleets and low sec faction war solo roaming.

  4. Congrats on cross-training all of the subcaps to V - I'm only 6 months behind you!

    Too bad that CCP Ytterbium and CCP Fozzie are in the process of homogenizing the racial ships, in order to make their "balancing" job easier. It won't be long before all ships in the same "role" have the same stats, and fit the same weapons - the only difference will be the 3D model & sound effects.