Monday, September 24, 2012

Ambushed in Real Life

I was ambushed in real life around Wednesday last week, hence the lack of posting. Real post coming later today.

Just FYI.


  1. Work-meetings ambushed. Just usual first world problems.

  2. Lucky you, I am usually primaried during the meetings and I fight outnumbered.

    I also noticed the best ratio i can manage is 1:5, more than that is difficult to be "reading" all the actors on the other side of the table at the same time and smooth talking accordingly.

  3. I got some intel from enemy comms, I'm getting hot-dropped on Wednesday. Today and tomorrow will be spent going over our logistics chains to make sure all POSs are fueled, fleets are forming in proper doctrines, and (no analogy for having my department cleaning tasks completed 100%). Even if we outnumber them it will still give me consolation to claim being bobbed :)