Monday, June 18, 2012

The Quick and the Dead (Again)

Yeah, I know I used this meme before.
Last night I am roaming around alone in my favourite little runner, the Dramiel. It may not be as fast and agile as it used to be, but its still great for fishing in Faction Warfare minor outposts or looking for the foolish in belts.

The Quick

I stumbled into Old Man Star and came across a minor outpost with a Federation Navy Comet in it. As I landed on grid with him in the plex he was already aligning for a warp out. Too bad too since he was within disrupt range and I'm confident I could have tore him up.

I tried to see if he would come back to play but alas he did not and I was forced to move on to find other entertainment.

The Dead

A couple jumps later in a quiet system I detected a Tristan on scan and narrowed down to the eighth planet with a ton of asteroid belts. In order to quickly scan the belts I warped to the planet and was surprised to see the Tristan there with a Core Scan Probe. He was 150 km away from me but at just under 5 km/sec and a 24 km point I needed only 25 seconds to get there.

I figure the pilot, a player over a year old, must have been scanning and not paying attention because I got a point on him and killed him without him firing a shot.

On the other hand, after looking at the killmail maybe he just sucked.

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