Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I've been doing the low sec PvP thing for about 9 months since the implosion of m3 Corp and its had its highs and lows; overall a good experience. The guys in Kadavr Black Guard and Shadow Cartel have been great when I get to fly with them. Indeed, I can safely say in my experience that the low sec PvPer's I had the pleasure of flying with and against (in the case of the Tuskers, Heretic Army, RIFTA, etc) are some of the best pilots I've encountered in this game.

However, my Sunday night sojourns are often a lonely affair as its a quite time in the corp and Cartel, and I feel its time to make a change to mix things up again. I've spoken with my CEO Nashh Kadavr and we're working out an arrangement where I can lead up a faction warfare corporation that works with the other corporations that Nashh has founded, the Kadavr Black Guard corp in Shadow Cartel and a Kadavr wormhole corp (I thought about switching to the wormhole corp actually but decided to try faction warfare again instead).

I'll be creating this corp and getting it setup over the next few nights; once its all set I'll talk more about it here and I'll be looking to recruit a few like-minded pilots.

See you in the war!

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