Monday, March 26, 2012

Ship Name: SHOOT AT ME

Last night we at the Shadow Cartel joined up with pilots from DarK IntenTionZ corporation (Stop Exploding You Cowards alliance but everyone calls them DINTZ) for a shield BC roam (that pretty much because kitchen sink because everyone had a toy they wanted to try out).

I had a brand new Drake just for this purpose so I saddled up in it and met at the rally point. We had word from a scout of an assault frigate gang hanging out in Old Man Star so we headed that way. The FC is looking for a good bait ship and in this fleet of "shield BCs" there is only two Drakes and one of them is lagging behind.

Guess who got to be bait?

Now, I've done a fair amount of scouting in my time in m3 Corp due to my predilection for interceptors and force recons so I am no stranger to being the first in with eyes on the enemy, but I've actually never been bait for an operation before and nerves were in full swing.

I warped in alone about 100 km from the gate they were last reported to be camping and found nothing. But then I see some "gf" in local chat and it seems our prey found someone else to fight. I warp to another gate, again at 100km, and there about 80 km from me I see a few wrecks and our quarry, Wolfs, Harpys, Ishkurs, and a Crow.

I do what I do best: I fly dumb. I make it look like I'm not worried and move away from them without the MWD. I'm red flashy and their blood is up... here comes the Crow with a pack of bloodthirsty howling assault frigs.
I let them get close and aggress me and I throw my point and web on a close Ishkur and call in the cavalry. My shields are getting chewed up and I'm going into armour when the fleet arrives and the Scimitar logistics saves me. The hostiles, so eager for the kill, don't run right away and are mostly caught and quickly dispatched including a couple expensive pods.

Final Tally: zero loses, 5 kills (1 Harpy, 2 Wolf, 2 Ishkur, 2 pods). 

My personal tally was only two, one Ishkur and one Wolf.

One pod was worth and estimated 420 million while the other only rang in at 280 million. Here's a hint guys: +5 implants in a PvP clone flying disposable assault frigs are not a good idea.


  1. I actually fight with +5 implants in lowsec all the time. In assault frigates, inties, faction frigs.

    As a reasonably wealthy, young character it can make a lot of sense.
    You don't get podded very often, if you are careful. They aren't that expensive (not even close to the better low-grade pirate implant sets). They are of great value in speeding up your learning, and you can't really use them otherwise if you pvp every day.

    So why not use them?

  2. +4s are 20% of the cost for 80% of the performance. With podmails showing implants you might find pods being hunted with more enthusiasm than in the past. I think the smart thing do to is not use the 100 mil each +5s.