Friday, March 09, 2012

Return of the Kodachi - This and That

My hell week(s) are over and blogging can resume! This is the first of two posts today, the second being the long promised but postponed Fiction Friday Actually I've been asked for significant changes to my EON article I submitted yesterday so fiction friday will have to wait one more week.

In this post, I'm going to touch on several things to get them out of my head.

* * * * *

Titan Tracking - during one of the podcasts Alekseyev Karde said that he was OK with the current Titan tracking mechanics stating that a Titan fit to be able to track many sub-capital vessels had a compromised tank and was thus a "glass cannon". I disagree with this position because I feel that a glass cannon should be something easily destroyed if caught (like a Caracal or a Gank Brutix) and that a base Titan is still pretty safe in waiting for backup from all but other serious cap fleets (at which they are in trouble anyways, tanked or not).

However, I want to actually look at the numbers involved and see if my gut is wrong on this one, so expect a post next week looking at Glass Cannon titans and how much they are glass as opposed to transparent aluminum.

* * * * *

One week in Red versus Blue with my alt Korneilia and in two short sessions of game time she has 7 killmails and one loss. Colour me impressed. I'll have more to say about Red v. Blue next week but in the meantime, if you are looking for quick PvP then putting an alt into the fight is a good idea.

* * * * *

CSM elections are going on and one thing to come out of the podcast listening I've been able to do has been the question of who was more responsible for the success of Crucible, the CSM6 members or the unsubscribing and rioting players.

I'm a little ticked with this question as it treats CPP as a monolithic ignorant block, and in truth I suspect that Crucible was part CSM, part unsubscribing players, and part passionate devs pushing at their managers for a reality check. Somebody(s) somewhere in CCP was taking all of the CSM input and player rage and numbers and waving in front of management's face, and when Hilmar finally relented on the Incarna "march of doom" and asked for "what instead?", I think that CSM got traction for the backlog because of these unknown dev crusaders.

I could be wrong, but its worth remembering that CPP is not necessarily a group-think hivemind.

* * * * *

Starting played World of Tanks again after a month and a half away from the game. Enjoying myself again and finally got to upgrade to the King Tiger, aka Tiger II tier 8 heavy tank. Still have the stock gun with is the long 88 of the Tiger so its a little underpowered for big tier 8 counterparts, but the superior armour thickness and angles has me noticing a lot more bounces such that the tank feels a lot more durable despite only have 150 more hitpoints (1350 compared to 1500).

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  1. Anonymous11:04 am

    Curse those Tigers, my meager SU-5 can't do rat's ass worth of damage to them! :)

    Welcome back to virtual life!