Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Podcasting Will Resume Normal Operations!

As you may or may not know, my podcast ran afoul of issues with Audacity in that random recording sessions would come through choppy, as if I was speaking through a high speed fan. It was sometimes rare, other times happened every time I tried to record a piece for a podcast, and I'd never know until playback. You quickly lose enthusiasm if you record the same thing five times over.

I tried to debug what was the cause but with nothing running and no identifiable source for interference, it was still random. So the podcast suffered.

I could have tries setting up Audacity on my old computer but wanted a more high tech solution instead. So I did some research and added to my Christmas list the recommended Olmypus VB-8100PC digital portable recorder. This tool will allow me to record the podcast with clear audio separate from any software / hardware configuration and conflict issues, and then import the audio file into Audacity for production.

Now all I need is 30 minutes to record. Going to try tonight so see you in the Ninveah channel!

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