Monday, February 13, 2012

A Night Of Traps

So far February is not shaping up well for me. Last week I lost two Rifters in two engagements and now this week my fail continues.

I logged in and decided to retrieve a jump clone way out in Caldari space. As I was zipping in an Ibis to base, I got reports of a fleet moving to jump on a group of pilots running a mission in Aeschee which was 6 jumps from my base. I moved as quickly as I could and jumped in a fast Dramiel to try and get there in time but was too late. It turns out the "mission runner" was a bait Drake from Tuskers and our fleet ran full tilt into their fleet, loosing a couple ships in the process (and not even getting the Drake). I arrived in system just as the action died down. Dammit.

Seeing the fleet was stood down, I went back to base and decided to roam in a Thrasher. I heard Tama was busy lately ("TAMA! IS! SAFE!") so set a course for Black Rise region, looking for targets as I went. I arrived in the notorious system and spotted a Cormorant in a Faction Warfare site on scan. I warp in and see the Caldari destroyer 60 km off. I start burning towards him figuring he'll make a run for it... but he doesn't. Instead he starts moving away from me... Hmmm, either confident or noob. I assume the former and start making plans to run. We're both MWD fitted but my speed is 500 km/s faster than his, not enough to close the gap before his weapons chew through my shields.

Then a Caracal warps in through the gate. I'm not too worried about it since its many klicks behind me but its obvious that this is a trap so I align and warp to the sun.

Now kids, listen to Uncle Kirith: if you warp to a celestial, they will see which one you warped to. So don't sit there and admire the scenery when you come out of warp.

There was some wrecks at the sun so I was curious and moused over them to check them out... when my friends land on top of me (along with some battlecruisers) and I'm quickly slag. So stupid.

I'm a long way from home so I dock up and decide to try and fit out a ship to head back in. I buy a Jaguar and some basic fittings, just enough to threaten any foolish haulers or whatever I run into on the way back. I undock... and see hostiles sitting on the undock. Of a kick out station. Yeah, shit.

Embarrassed, I flew home in my pod.

Tama, you bitch, I'll be back. Hopefully smarter and more on the ball, but I'll be back regardless.


  1. Man I know the feeling. :-/
    I read about guys like Taurean who're great at solo stuff... think "hey, I can prob do that"... and even reading carefully thru their blog, trying to "see thru their eyes" what they did, still ending up going POP and podding back home. :-/
    It's a pretty shitty feeling.

    Also takes a really special kind of guy to keep getting knocked down like that and get right back up and go for round 2... after a while you just get beat down and go "wow, wtf am I doing here?"

    I need a blank JC and a bunch of Incursii & Tristans. Maybe a few Raxes and Vexors too. Wanna bring back cruiser PvP with me? lol

  2. Yeah ... Tama's messy, and that station in particular is a nasty death-trap. I dropped a Falcon, there, once upon a time to a Sniggwaffe Abaddon that alpha'd it as I warped to dock (from cloak, even). Just a crazy place. Always best treated with great care and suspicion.

  3. lol i went to amamake last night and derped my rifter and snake pod...again

  4. Anonymous5:33 pm

    So I just barely read the story of a "mission drake" in Aeschee on Mark Scaurus' blog: . I tab over here, read this post and make the connection. Small world.