Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eve Online: Inferno

New Dev blog today announces that the big summer expansion will be called Inferno:

Let's cut to the chase and pull out the only relevant facts:

The next few months will be spent reinvigorating Concord-sanctioned warfare, giving tools and a framework to groups who wish to take advantage of these conflicts both directly and indirectly. We are also looking to introduce many new things which will mix up all forms of combat in a way not seen for a long time. Factional Warfare will also be seeing changes to make it much more relevant and fun by giving real reasons to fight for your faction.
As we continue development there will also be smaller changes, improvements and usability fixes, and we will not forsake our game performance focus. We will be making some changes and additions to our avatar technology and many other parts of the game. The websites will continue their metamorphoses and there may even be sight of more developer events on TQ.
Finally, we will revealing more concrete steps in the link between EVE and DUST 514, bringing an unprecedented level of collaboration, conflict and purpose to both games living in the same EVE Universe.
- New war declaration mechanics
- New modules and/or ships
- More Faction Warfare rewards and/or bonuses
- Code improvements
- More tattoos and clothes (mohawk plz?)
- website changes
- more Dev fleet roams
- finally find our how Dust mercs are going to screw with null sec alliances and vice versa.

Now I want details! Especially on the first three.


  1. I want details on the last one :D

  2. I see many more orbital structures in our near future.

  3. At least regarding wardecs, I read this as: "We're going to make this even more ridiculously complicated than it already is," given the human propensity for "adding on" and "making more complex" rather than "simplyfing" and "taking out the excess".

    Personally, I think the wardec system needs to be scrapped and re-written from the ground up.
    CCP created a monster in hisec -- they're trying to "encourage" war, PvP, etc, but completely fail to realize that risk-averse "I just wanna be left alone to mine in peace" bears WILL NOT suddenly bare their teeth and turn into l337 PvPers simply because they're wardecced. They'll drop corp, stay docked up, play an alt, etc... you MAY get them to saddle up their mission ships with failfits and points and head off the slaughter -- ONCE. After that first soul-crushing defeat, it'll be time to dock up, drop corp, play alt, etc.

    The Marines take office dweebs and turn them into killers. CCP hasn't a clue how to do that. lol