Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Curse You Twitter!

This morning on twitter our resident statistics lord pumped out this little tidbit:
Well, I've now got full Jan stats, so new drone totals! Most built, 935,857 Hobgoblin I. #2 471,937 Hammerhead I. 
I responded with:

Those drone totals only highlight the utter lack of desirability for any other drone other than the highest damage ones.

Now I was going to add "(except the fast Minmatar ones)" but I was three characters off the 140 character limit for a tweet so I hit enter anyways and was going to follow it up but got distracted. I come back a minute later to see Cobalt_Valkryie saying:
I disagree. Most people I know use warriors in pvp because they're fastest.
Gah! Alright, I quickly respond:

Yes, I was going to inlucde the exception for the Minnie drones but curse twitter and 140 characters. :P

But its too late. I'll forever now be know as the guy who doesn't think Mimatar drones are useful.

To set the record straight, yes, Warrior IIs and even Valkyries IIhave uses due to their high speed for intercepting and engaging faster targets. But the use case for Berserkers and all Amarr and Caldari combat drones is very limited and, in general, you are better off going with the bigger damage Gallente drones rather than the others.


  1. Unless your a crazy nut that only flies Rust, and only uses rusty little insects as your drones...

  2. Anonymous3:12 am

    Berserkers do more adjusted damage against raw T1 armor resists than Ogres do, actually.