Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Tuskers Of Doom!

The Kadavr Black Guard moved out of Minmatar low sec out to Gallente low sec so we could partner up the notorious Shadow Cartel, the goal being to give us more opportunity to have friends with which we can shoot things with while we recruit and grow.

Since the Christmas break I've been getting out at least once a week and the last two times our illustrious leader and corp namesake Nashh Kadavr has stayed up late to go out for a short roam with me. *Sniff* I love you man!

Last week we went out in a Firetail (him) and Daredevil (me). I like the Daredevil, it is very straightforward to operate: aim, point, shoot; very much like a Rifter. In Onne we ran into Tusker Abellona in a Malediction interceptor and while she hesitant to engage both of us Nashh lured her into an engagement while I was at the sun waiting and then pounced to finish it off before Nashh was killed (the third pilot on the killmail was from a previous engagement Abellona had).

We continued on to the Tusker's home system of Hevrice where we prowled around. Infamous Tusker Grog Drinker came out to play in a Coercer destroyer and engaged Nashh at the sun. He called for me to come in but I was at a safe spot pretty far out and arrived too late to save the Firetail a second time. Nashh grabbed a Rifter in system and we tried to catch Grog Drinker but he was very cagey and just as I warped out Nashh tackled him. Unfortunately, by the time I got back the poor Rifter was a wreckage.

Fast Forward a week.

I log in and Nashh rallies another late night to roam again, this time with corpie Anabaric and Shadow Cartel member Smarnca. We decided to fly in Assault Frigates since they are all the rage and headed out for Hevrice once more. Nashh and Smarnca in Enyos, Anabaric in a Hawk, and myself in an Ishkur.

In Hevrice we run into the notorious Grog Drinker and his Coercer at the sun once again, but this time Nashh's more powerful ship and fast MWD are enough to capture and burn the destroyer (with a touch of help from me). However Grog will have the last laugh...

The Tusker reshipped to a Vengeance and is joined by corp mate Suleiman Shouaa in a Retribution. Anabaric and Smarnca arrive from next door system where they were hunting a ratting Thorax (it got away). The Tuskers warp to a faction warfare complex acceleration gate and we arrive to try and engage. Long story short, the MWD fit ships were expertly flown and while I almost had a tackle on Suleiman (inches I tell you) the end result was Ishkur down, Hawk three minutes later, and then Smarnca's Enyo soon after (with help from a late arriving Abellona in a Ishkur).

Nashh got out alive but since he felt bad that we all died he went and got himself blown up fifteen minutes later in Vitrauze by a trap laid by the Black Guards corp (not associated to Kadavr Black Guard corp).

The Tuskers blew up daddy's ship!
Not our best outing to put it mildly.

Ah well, it was fun to engage and I learned some valuable information about engaging at faction warfare plexs... did you know that the gate leading to the plex itself is considered in dead space as well so you can't do short warps on grid with it either? My fleet mates knew that but I didn't. *shame*


  1. I gotta share the story of the picture... Sean was playing on the couch and fooling around with his little brother's exersaucer when he slipped and fell in. He got stuck and my wife ran to get the camera instead of pulling him out immediately. Hence the look of "later I'm going to kill you in your sleep". LOL

  2. Yeah that accel gate mechanic is great for luring gangs to you and then killing their tacklers as the rest of the gang land at zero.

    Haha. Neat photo, I love how a good opportunity for a photo always goes before a rescue attempt. :)


  3. Was a fun fight. I spent most of it zoomed out and just calling ranges and positions for Suleiman. I was too slow to be effective. My vengeance did get down to about 50% structure but I was saved by Abe webbing Smarnca's enyo in the nick of time. Allowing me to pull range and avoid the killing blow.