Friday, January 20, 2012

Shameless Plugging - Kadavr Black Guard, Eve Tribune, Tech 4 News

Kadavr Black Guard is recruiting! We're hanging out in Sinq Laison with the Shadow Cartel and want more pilots to give us more options for roams and picking fights.

KBG recruitmemt info

OK listen up grunts, we still have a few limited places available for the right people. 
If your attitude sucks, if you act like a hormonal teenager, then don't bother applying even if you have a "elite" killboard, you won't get in. 
We're not interested in Drama llama's.
There is a few specifics you will need to have, or be close to flying:
1 racial T2 cruiser hull, with full T2 weapons/modules and Tank. ie HAC/Recon/Logi
1 racial T2 frigate T2 Weapons/modules where required.
Battlecruiser trained to 4 minimum, with approriate fittings.
This means you will have a bare minimum of 10m skillpoints, and in the right areas.
We fly the following gangs, you will be expected to be able to have fitted and be able to fly something suitable from your hanger.
Frigate wolf pack
Shield Battlecruiser
Shield Nano Battlecruiser
Tier 3 Battlecruiser Alpha
Battleship, Dread / Carrier fleets - we do these, occasionaly.
Corp ops are non mandatory, however if you don't want to fly with a gang, why join a corp?
Combat experience is preferable, as is a positive kill / death ratio, however for the right people that are willing to listen, we can break your bad habit of dying and make you into a solid combat pilot.
We have solid logistics in place, with regular freighter runs to/from Jita, and lowsec/highsec hauling.
You will also need the following:
Working Mic, and audio. We use Mumble/Vent/TS3 depending on who we are flying with.
Self sufficent isk source. We can assist by providing Alt access to lvl4 missions, and to our WH for isk.
We are mainly EU/US timezone. Background checks may apply.
Contact Anabaric, Acute Dragonis, or Nashh Kadavr in game, or Join Kadavr Public for more information.

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Eve Tribune is recruiting!

Share your experience
Write for the EVE Tribune

I'm gonna keep on plugging that phrase because I like it. I almost changed it to "Share your EVEsperience, write for the EVE Tribune". And sure it's a bit funny, building on the "EVE is real" slogan and so, but it's a it over the top really.

Share your experience
Write for the EVE Tribune

For those who don't know it the EVE Tribune is the longest running EVE Online eZine. We've been around since 2005-ish and until today we've published over 200 issues with articles spanning from news and pvp guides to philosophy, with a pinch of cookery in it. An unknown number of writers have shared their EVE Online experience with thousands upon thousand of readers.

So are you a writer? Or a sharer? Would you like your words to be read by thousands of people? Send me a mail at and tell a bit of yourself. Who are you, what's your EVE experience, and what would you like to write about.

See you at the Tribune
/Mr M

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Interested in Eve fiction in small digestible bites? Check out Tech 4 News!


Welcome to Tech4 News; an independent media outlet dedicated to bringing news and current events concerning baseliners and capsuleers to the general population of New Eden.

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