Monday, January 23, 2012

Bang Bang You're Dead

In the fall I finished the training for the Proteus (got two in the hanger now) and was faced once more with the eternal Eve question: What Do I Train Next?

I decided it was time to do some polishing on useful combat skills and picked Gunnery as the category of choice since the few percentages picked up there on secondary skills applied equally to hybrid, projectile, and energy weapons.

It took a month and a half but I completed on the weekend and all secondary skills are up to level V.
Oh Yeah!
There is still all the tech II specialization skills to do but I decided to move on to Mechanic category where things were horribly untrained...
"Whadda mean my armour compensation skills are only at level III?!"  
Yeah... its pretty rough. I'm going to take three weeks and get all those rigging skills and compensation skills up to IV and then re-evaluate. Sigh.


  1. Anonymous10:49 am

    I can only envy the level V-s in Gunnery, but at least I beat you in the Armor Compensation race. :D

  2. How many SPs do you have?

  3. 94,622,000 approximately.