Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Tank Tuesday: Bringer of Death

There have been a few times in the past two months of playing where I would almost earn the "Top Gun" achievement in a match, only to come up short with only 5 kills:

Top Gun - Destroy more enemy vehicles than any other player in your team during the battle (at least 6).
If two or more players have destroyed equal amount vehicles, the achievement is granted to the player who has earned more XP for the battle, including additional XP provided to Premium account users. If the amount of XP is equal as well, the achievement is not granted.

Finally late last week I was in a match on the Erlenburg map and it did not promise to be anything spectactular. I was a tier 6 tank with a couple tier 8 and 7 heavies and a few tier 6 and 5 mediums with a couple artillery per side.

As the match started I was in the southwest corner and led the advance up the west road to the northwest part of the map. A Type 59 tier 8 medium and a couple other tanks were close behind. Then as I turned around the corner of the hill an enemy StuG III tank destroyer faced me. We exchanged blows as I pulled back and spotted a PzIV medium supporting him. I took some damage but firepower from me and the friendlies approaching behind killed the two eager enemy tank, with me getting both killing blows.

I let the big Type 59 lead from here, and as I came around the hill to the middle of the north I spotted it trading fire with a couple tanks near the river. I contributed fire and once more got both killing blows. I advanced over the north bridge while the Type 59 ally moved south to deal with the enemy heavy tanks dueling with our heavies in the centre over the objectives. I spotted one artillery (one shot!) and then the next as I come into the northeast (one shot again!). The enemy was clearly beaten with only a couple tanks left, and I moved south onto the east ridge to try and take some high explosive long shots at the last remaining enemy heavies. Target, aim... fire! And the last few percent ticked off.

Top Gun
Victory for our side and, finally, top gun for me with 7 kills.


  1. @Kirith
    Grats on the medal! I believe I have earned it only once, in my case by sheer luck and circumstances.

    Looking at the 3601, are you in great anticipation of the Tiger? I prefer the Tiger P because of the impenetrable frontal armor (ideal for sniping which both tanks are for) but in the long run things look bleak for the P-line.
    I see at least four times as many E-100 drivers compared to Maus drivers. While both are good the numbers favor the E-100 (mobility, gun etc.)

    Last week my premium account ran out and I couldn't be arsed to renew it. So far I've earned some 70.000 credits after about 60 battles, in tier6 and tier7 tanks. Which is close to nothing. Do you make any money in the 3601 without premium? Plenty of players warned me that playing at tier7+ it's only possible to make money for the next purchase by running an active premium account.

    I love potshotting and ending up hitting the enemy's turret ammo supply sometimes, resulting in explosion :)

  2. Without premium I am just starting to find credits hard to come by as I start upgrading my tier 6 tank destroyer I got this week. I think I will go for the Tiger and probably find that I can't advance higher without premium for the creds and experience bonus.