Thursday, October 27, 2011

Will Winter Save The Eagle?

The poor Caldari Eagle, the HAC that not only looks ugly as sin, but sucks donkey balls as well. (You revamp the Scorpion which wasn't half bad but don't touch the Moa? Curse you CCP!)

The rumoured early proposed changes for hybrid weapons are:
  • Significantly reduced cap usage
  • Increased damage modifier (rails)
  • Increased tracking (blasters)
  • Reduced cpu
  • Reduced powergrid on medium and large turrets, as well as some smalls
Also, Caldari hybrid ships have an apparent agility buff to make them more mobile.

First, prior to these changes what is the big knock against the Eagle? Essentially, when compared to equivalent HACs like the Zealot and Muninn, its only advantage is that it can reach incredible sniping ranges that the other two cannot reach but combat in Eve rarely extends to those ranges making it not as useful. In addition, when it fights at ranges the other ships can compete at the Eagle tends to not has as much DPS or it has to gimp tank in order to use Tracking Computers to up the ammo potency to simply match the DPS of the other two. And on top of all that, its a slow Caldari boat so even a Beagle (i.e. Blaster equipped Eagle) was problematic. Not to mention requiring a fitting mod to get the best guns in either case.

So do these changes save the endangered Eagle? The answer is a resounding "maybe". 

The increase in damage modifer is very interesting as even a 10% increase is potentially enough to put it on par in terms of firepower with the Muninn at the latter's extreme range. The increased tracking and agility improvement will definitely help the Beagle but will it make it competitive with the Gallente Deimos or Vagabond? Its hard to say. A reduction in CPU and powergrid usage will be welcome in any case for not just the Eagle but all of the Caldari and Gallente hybrid boats.

Here are the setups I was using for my casual ponderings. I tried to get long range (~85 km) plus decent resistance tank.

Current Eagle


Suggestions for better fits are welcome, but please note I did not put a whole lot of time into them. :)


  1. I also had some things to say about this poor sad sack of a ship:

  2. Actually, there is some debate about the agility changes, and the general consensus seems to be that the change is an increase in the "agility" attribute, which is actually what is being REDUCED by modules like inertia stabilizers. In other words, what is probably happening is these ships are losing agility but gaining some speed, so they won't turn as fast but they will be faster in a straight line.

  3. Anonymous3:18 pm

    What I get from fiddling with a Deimos in Pyfa: . I'm not a great fan of fitting more than 3 of one mod, but I couldn't really think of anything else to put in that low slot. Damage control, maybe, to bring your tank to a healthy 32K, lowering the damage to 258DPS.

    If I pick my skills instead of an all-V toon, the DPS drops to just under 250, or just over 230 if I go with a DC instead of that fourth MFS.

    Tossing in a bunch of Hammerheads adds about 150DPS, but the range is limited to under 60km. Maybe light drones to deal with approaching tackle.
    Not too shabby.


    if you want to compare the fits to the leaked changes i believe this build of pyfa has that info dump that leaked a few days ago so it has the new ships(all but the oracle seem to be very nasty) and all the new mods and ship changes.

  5. Where Eagles Dare