Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Information Overload

If you read this blog, it is 99% probable that you read other blogs and are thus already aware of the "leaked" info (which I suspect is simply a deliberate part of the Counter-offensive) in which the initial stats for the pocket battleships, the list and initial stats for the new Tech II modules, and a bunch of ship stat changes.


I'm not going to spend time analyzing the details when there are so many other bloggers with time on their hands already doing a great job with the speculation. I'll wait until I see more solid info in the form of an actual Sisi build or dev blog. For example, I highly doubt that the new Caldari Naga is going to be both a Hybrid and Missile boat with 8 hardpoints of each and bonuses to both. I suspect it is merely testing stats to see what works better and which way they want to go.

Regardless, consider this list for a moment:
- Gallente and Caldari ship tweaks
- Hybrid weapon changes
- new battlecruisers
- tech II mods for warfare links, MAPC, etc
- capital changes
- custom office changes
- and more...

There is not one area in Eve combat that will not be impacted in one way or another.

High Sec - new gank battlecruisers will be awesome for suicide ganks unless insurance is nerfed into non-existence (which I support BTW)
Low Sec - new mods and ships and stats means complete rejiggering of ship fits and tactics
Null Sec - New cap mods and stats means an overhaul to capital/subcapital warfare, not to mention the effect the "battleship damage/battlecruiser signature" ships in massed fleets will have
Wormhole space - Smaller mass new ships will bring more firepower to POS attacks and new customs offices will provide more targets and opportunities for ganking (i.e. I know these guys harvest something here because they put up a customs office)

This is, quite simply, shaping up to be the biggest change to Eve flying in space mechanics since the Speed and Missile rebalancing of a couple years back.

Brace yourself, its gonna get wild.

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P.S. Sorry for no podcast yet, between my regular responsibilities at work and home and additional effort for my martial art training this fall, I've lacked the time / energy to get it done. Hopefully rectify that tonight or tomorrow night.


  1. I both hope that insurance is nerfed into the ground AND I think we'll see more suicide ganking in Empire.

    Those two positions are not at all inconsistent.

  2. As long as suicide ganking is profitable in some way (whether it's insurance or loot), it'll happen.

    Besides, I wouldn't say no to burning a wing or two of Talosi (Taloses?) to kill a Charon stuffed full of goodies in highsec.

  3. @Jester - I agree with those two positions and with your assertion that they are not inconsistent. I can't seem to get wide support for the insurance nerf, though.

  4. Why does noone see that the signal subverter has the stat +HackOrbital.

    To me that sounds like we can hack each others custom offices and steal the goods. Awesome small gang objective.


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