Wednesday, October 12, 2011

(Not Your) New Captain's Quarters

So the remaining captain's quarters are finally out on singularity server and the reviews in terms of asethetics have been mostly positive. However a few people have expressed consternation on twitter (and maybe even a blog post, I can't recall) that the type of quarters you get when docking is tied to the station type you docked in (i.e. Amarr station == Amarr quarters) instead of your character type (i.e. Minmatar character <> Minmatar quarters).

Some people have argued it would be nice if you could choose so that it was always the one you liked, a first baby step to personalization.

Well, stop being silly. They are not your character's quarters.
Only 300 ISK per night for non-capsuleers

They are special "Captain's Quarters Suites" every station added to the capsuleer docking levels to accomodate the Mark IV capsule's ability to allow for self-decanting at minimal facilities, such as the balconies we see. The suites are provided as a convenience to capsuleers in the hope they will lounge while their ships and cargoes are taken care of and perhaps spend a few spare ISK on the latest Gallentean holo, a special meal from a restaurant, or perhaps even visit the promenade to partake in some gambling or other services.

That is why the type is not picked by you or customizable. Every time you leave the suite is cleaned and set back to standard setup for the next capsuleer. Hell, you don't even get the same one every time you dock at the same station.

Huge Back Yard!
Eventually CCP will give us our true quarters, apartments for rent on stations whose look and feel we can customize to your liking (save up your Aurum folks!). For now you are stuck with the generic suites.

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