Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Skill Training End Game

Kirith climbed over 87 million skillpoints a little while ago. He's pretty much a pure combat character and at this point he has cross trained for all weapon systems, tanking methods, and faction ships at the Tech II cruiser level and lower, with only Caldari (his starting race) having Tech II battleships, Tech III strategic cruiser, and capital ships.
Well balanced combat character.

He's currently training Large Projectile Weapons V so he can finish off the weapon systems with Tech II large autocannons and artillery. After that, I'm going to work on Tech III ships as the skills are cheap and quick to train.

My hauling alt, Korannon, at 18 million skillpoints has virtually no combat skills but has specialized primarily in hauling (freighter, Orca, Tech II industrials) with some hacking and analyzing skills thrown in for exploration purposes. He's working through Covert Ops V right now and will train up  astrometrics skills next to become a proficient prober.
No guns, no missiles, no drones.
Finally we have my Wyvern parking alt, Selia, who has trained for nothing but flying a Wyvern for her 25 million skillpoints. She is currently working on drone skills so that she can think about doign combat some day in the future.
Supercarrier pilot means never saying you're sorry.
She's got a lot of skills to go before she's combat ready, but her tanking skills are up to par and she can at least defend herself with drones now.

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