Wednesday, September 07, 2011

New Lottery: Widow, Abaddon, Worm

I've got a new lottery running for all you folks! Proceeds going to Noir Mercenaries 200th Contract war dec celebration.

This is a lottery for three different prizes:

1st prize: Fully Fitted Widow Black Ops battleship
2nd prize: Fully Fitted Abaddon Battleship
3rd prize: Fully Fitted Worm faction frigate

There are 50 tickets and can be purchased for 20,000,000 ISK each. Each ticket has a chance to win one (and only one) of the three prizes. If you buy multiple tickets, you may win multiple prizes. The ships are located in Placid region, low sec.

To purchase a ticket send ISK to Kirith Kodachi with a reason of "NinveahLottery8" to be tracked properly through SOMER's Lottery service. Link to lottery site can be found here.

The winning numbers have been secured using Chribba's locked dice and a link to the roll can be found here and on the lottery page.

See my lottery page for details on how to purchase tickets.


  1. Hey Kirith, When do you think the draw will take place?

  2. As soon as I get all the tickets sold. Hopefully this week :(

  3. I figured they would have flown out! Thanks for the update :)