Thursday, July 28, 2011

Technology Rocks

As the Carebear Brigade has gotten older, I find myself with a lot less free time than I used to have. Whereas last year I could fit in 15 minutes in the morning to take care of industrial tasks while eating my breakfast, or I could spend a weekend afternoon doing a mission as everyone napped, this year those opportunities have been squeezed out of the schedule. On top of that, the kids are more exhausting than ever leaving me with very little energy or patience to log on before bed after I have spent time reconnecting with Mrs Kodachi and ensuring the marriage contract is not terminated. Thus projects like trading and PI in the wormhole have been shelved.

But now, there is hope on the horizon thanks to technology.

The Android tablet I purchased, the ASUS Transformer, is a powerful little beast. And by installing some software on it and on my PC to allow remote access, last night I found I could run Eve on the computer while controlling the mouse and seeing the screen on the tablet. I was able to set a destination, undock, and activate autopilot. And then connect later to dock at a station (haven't figured out how to drag and drop yet though).

Then I typed into the Ninveah channel, "playing eve from the couch through the tablet. eat your heart out". :-)

While the graphics are cut down in number of colours and the responsiveness is not superb, it is workable for some simple tasks and might allow me to get some secondary projects running again. Time will tell.


  1. I've tried that some time ago with iPad and its wonderful. there is several options available. Simplest and most popular is VNC. Another good example, very good for games is Splashtop (offers better streaming of 3D applications than VNC)

  2. By the way, a friend of mine recently got Acer Iconia Tab W50. It can natively run EVE (its a Windows based tablet PC). I was very surprised that it not only supports Shader Model 3.0, but the game is smooth enough to be playable. Too bad Windows 7 completely sucks on a tablet PC...