Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bring Me The Head Of Kirith Kodachi II - Prizes Announced

Here are the prizes for BMTHOKK 2 in August.
  • Final Blow on Chimera: Blood Raiders Ashimmu cruiser
  • Most Damage on Chimera: Sansha Succubus frigate
  • Podmail: Imperial Navy Slicer

As usual, donations for the prizes are welcome.

EDIT: Moar prizes!

  • Final blow on most valuable kill (besides the carrier) during the event - any T3 Strategic Cruiser with 5 Subsystems of you choice, donated by Lone Star Explorations
  • Pilot on most killmails during the event - Navy Vexor donated by Planetary Genocide 
  • Most damage on Carrier killmail done by a Tech 1 or Faction Frigate - Caldari Navy Hookbill with modules donated by Merchantus of Pheonix Rising Fleet, MODE Alliance


  1. Stacmon in Placid region is best, but anywhere in High sec can be moved pretty easily. Just contract to me.

  2. Hey, I've got a snowglobe just like that.