Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bring Me The Head Of Kirith Kodachi II - Prizes Announced

Here are the prizes for BMTHOKK 2 in August.
  • Final Blow on Chimera: Blood Raiders Ashimmu cruiser
  • Most Damage on Chimera: Sansha Succubus frigate
  • Podmail: Imperial Navy Slicer

As usual, donations for the prizes are welcome.

EDIT: Moar prizes!

  • Final blow on most valuable kill (besides the carrier) during the event - any T3 Strategic Cruiser with 5 Subsystems of you choice, donated by Lone Star Explorations
  • Pilot on most killmails during the event - Navy Vexor donated by Planetary Genocide 
  • Most damage on Carrier killmail done by a Tech 1 or Faction Frigate - Caldari Navy Hookbill with modules donated by Merchantus of Pheonix Rising Fleet, MODE Alliance


  1. I may donate a Fednavy Comet or two. Where should I make said donations at?

  2. Stacmon in Placid region is best, but anywhere in High sec can be moved pretty easily. Just contract to me.

  3. Hey, I've got a snowglobe just like that.

  4. Stacmon's p. close to where I'm at, so that works out great.

  5. Doing a navy vex instead of the comets. Had a lot more LP than I thought. XD


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