Friday, June 03, 2011

Collapsing the Waveform

I pulled Kla'strit out of m3 Corp this morning. When I get a chance to swap Selia out of the Wyvern so she can dock up, I'm pulling her out as well.

The last couple months have been shitty for me on the PvP front. With the NC not deploying the super capitals as often as it used to I found myself scrambling to find the appropriate ship to join the fleets up in Tribute and Vale, and many times to poor results on the killboards. One measly kill in two months is unacceptable, but it wasn't for lack of trying.

The stress of failing to get on the killboard was getting to me. I felt like I was letting my corp down in a major way and I considered leaving entirely to stop pulling the stats down but I am at home in m3 Corp and its not their fault we had been deployed to a collapsing front with increasingly spastic and gun-shy FCs in the coalition. I'm hoping that more time at home in Pure Blind with local FCs and smaller fleet sizes will loosen things up and get the kills flowing again.

I've also decided to stop worrying about the killmails as much. I have no control other than logging in and X-ing up so I'll keep doing that and let the chips fall where they may. In order to relax a little more I'm also going to do more exploration in null sec and low sec because I enjoy the occasional site. That does mean I'm going to need some hacking and archeology skills though.

The reason I'm pulling my alts out of the corp is because I want to focus purely on Kirith and flying his ships. Kla'strit was handy for moving the Wyvern around but right now its more of a boondoggle than boon with the enemy having scared the NC into hiding their supercaps for the most part. If I find I need it, I know where it is, but I want to concentrate on smaller ships for a while.

* * * * *

Misc Notes:
- I have an Archon and Thanatos for sale, and another Archon going up on Lottery this weekend. Contact me if interested.

- Short week next week as I am away Thursday and Friday.

- Fiction Friday starts again the week after next.


  1. Anonymous10:17 pm

    I'm afraid to say the NC is loosing its bottle.

    Vale fell without them bothering too much and then the rest just cascaded.

    I left OWN alliance before everyone turned on them, so I made it out with all my gear.... others weren't as fortunate. When Alliances started imploding its only a matter of time...

    Make sure you have logistics in place... just in case!

  2. Hmm can't say i'm all that sad about the NC losing this one, it was bound to happen eventually and they held their own for going on what 6 years now?? the people that made the coalition what it was had to be burned out from all that effort....