Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To The Unknown

Last night the corp members who were online were doing logistics and I wasn't close enough to help so I found myself with idle hands.

I was in my supercarrier clone with expensive implants from doing running around last night so I was not going to risk losing them by looking for PvP. Instead I decided to relax and do some exploration and try out the new probe manipulation tools.

I broke out my Buzzard with the Sisters Probe Launcher and got to work in a low sec system close to base. There was a lot signatures so I picked one with the lowest initial strength and got to work. Using the alt key to move the probes to the centre is brilliant, huge kudos to the developer who came up with that. I quickly resolved the signature (thanks to time in the wormhole with Korneilia for keeping me sharp) and found a wormhole. I jumped in to see what was there (perhaps foolish in my current clone) and found myself in a class 5 system with a Red Giant! System J172193 to be exact. Holy bonuses to overheating and smartbombs Batman! I did a quick scan and saw no sign of residents so I left as I wasn't looking to fight and die to class 5 Sleepers.

I picked a new signature in my low sec system and resolved it to a combat sight, Serpentis Phi-Outpost. That's more like it! I docked up and broke out the Tengu. I knew there was neutrals in local but I figured the more agile and fast Strategic Cruiser had a better chance of making a run for it than something heavier and cheaper. Besides, I'm rich.

No hostiles showed up though, and the rats suffered my wrath. Most of them were easy to dispatch Serpentis battlecruisers and smaller but the main boss at the end was a 2.5 mil ISK bounty battleship and was quite tough to break through; I switched to Scourge Fury missiles to speed the process along. I eagerly popped open the wreck to find a nice Corellum C-Type 10MN MWD which goes currently for around 120 million ISK on contracts. Sweet! That was an unexpected bonus to my little relaxation adventure.

I'll save that mod for my secret project I'm working on this summer...


  1. nice =D
    When you where in wormholes,where you in a corp??

  2. No, I was just doing some PI in a quiet class 2 with static high sec exit.

  3. This is all well and good but I want some perspective on what's going on up North. How are things? Panicky yet? Or hanging tough? We can all read Dotlan, but it'd be nice to hear some first person perspective.

  4. Supposedly, NC will have its 6-V moment when UMI and M-O come out of reinforce. The lack of response by NC to the massive Tribute assault woke people up to reality. A few 1000 subcaps can do nothing against the subcap+supercap fleets. Subcaps can win the battle but not the war, and NC has no leadership and no supercaps.

    Even the subcap-on-subcap action is bad. NC doesn't have spies in every TS channel like PL. We had a fleet of 150 engage 80 reds and they picked our FC in his obscure ship out as primary and podded him. No more target calling and the fleet disbanded taking a few dozen losses with no enemy ships lost. Obviously the PL spy network at its best. As of now, the only reason NC is still there is PL is taking their time. There is no resistance. They could have captured all of Tribute by this weekend if the tedium of waiting for SBU timers wasn't so boring.

    So, yes, firesales are on, offers for wormholes to hisec are in play, and alliance chat has turned into Jita local...spattered with the few poor souls trying to drum up some morale for another suicide subcap fleet to fight the horde.