Friday, May 06, 2011

Ninveah Lottery #1 - Thanatos

I've been put in charge of raffling off capital ships that the corp produces and our first public offering is rolling out of the assembly lines in a 6 days. Here is the text from the Eve Online forum post.
This is a lottery for a Gallente Thanatos Carrier and 10000 units of oxygen isotope fuel.

There are 100 tickets and can be purchased for 10,000,000 ISK each.

To purchase a ticket send ISK to Kirith Kodachi with a reason of "NinveahLottery1" to be tracked properly through SOMER's Lottery service. Link to lottery site can be found here.

The winning number has been secured using Chribba's locked dice and a link to the roll can be found here and on the lottery page.
If you have some spare ISK, please consider buying a ticket. Even if you can't fly the ship you can resell and buy your favourite faction cruiser or 5. Or lots of Dramiels.


  1. Getting off work at Noon... you can bet yer ass I'm buying a few as soon as I get home !!!

  2. That's one way of selling caps for good profit...