Thursday, May 05, 2011

From Hell

So on Monday night while on child-watch duty I sent my alt to Jita and purchased the mods for an Abaddon while I purchased the hull and some other mods out in Pure Blind where prices were better. Comparison shopping, folks, will save you ISK!

Here is the setup I purchased:
Go Hellcats!

For better analysis of the various fitting options for an Abaddon Hellcat, you should be reading Jester's Trek blog. But I will hit the high points of this setup here.

This is a armour buffer tank augmented with some resistance improvements but mostly centered on the two 1600mm plates and the two Trimark Armour pumps. The idea being that you can take a volley or two before the logistics ships (i.e. Guardians) can get repair cycles on you.

However, the main goal of the setup is not to survive, but to deal impressive damage while doing so. The two heat sinks and the Tech II large pulse lasers combine to deal powerful damage while the two tracking computers ensure that a target moving 1000 m/s or less transversal at 15 km can still be tracked. Switch to optimal range scripts and Scorch crystals the battleship has an optimal of 58 km with with 16 km falloff and estimated 568 damage per second.

It is a very solid ship of the line.

Emphasis on 'solid'. The align time of the vessel is the killer at almost 15 seconds from a stop. And those pulse lasers are capacitor hogs meaning it can only operate for about 3.5 minutes before the cap charges have to be consumed to keep it firing. Guardians help alleviate this of course, or triage carriers.

There are some things I'm considering changing. The Energy Discharge Elutriation rig lowers cap use of the weapons and gives another whole minute to its cap reserves which could be crucial in a combat situation, but I think would consider a Energy Collsion Accelerator for more DPS or another Trimark for more buffer. Also, the passive explosive hardener might be worth switching for an active version although that would require the use of a 1% CPU implant. Alternatively, stay with the passive mod and upgrade the cap booster to a heavy version for better ability to operate the MWD under pressure, i.e. "Burn out of the bubbles!"

All in all I'm looking forward to flying it in combat.


  1. It's not a bad setup. It's just going to suffer from the problems I mentioned in my blog, notably the relatively low explosion resist and the lack of an "oh shit" button.

    Go for an active dead-space explosive hardener, a Coprii C-type or equivalent. Doesn't raise the price all that much, solves the CPU problem, and gives you something you can overheat.

  2. T2 Energy Discharge Elutriation rigs are quite cheap, and were the main innovation of the PL Hellcat fit. Definitely worth fitting.