Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Are we in the opening stages of a MAX 3 campaign?

Consider that that Drone Region Forces are pushing hard in Geminate and now Vale of the Silent region, NCDot and Evoke are harassing Pure Blind and Fade regions, and Pandemic Legion is back in the north pushing hard all over and making a play for F-D49D system in Vale (rumoured to be there at behest of DRF and 600 billion ISK).

Its not hard to view this as a full scale invasion and threat to the coalition. The evemails have gone out and forces are being mustered and deployed. RAZOR's vacation down in Curse has been terminated and they are returning to the north to assist in the defence. Its on, the summer should be interesting.

I've argued in the past that any large existential and external threat to the NC will fail as it only causes members to work harder, close ranks, and put aside differences for the common defence. It remains to be seen if my prediction holds out but this I only view this new onslaught as a good thing for now.

* * * * *
In other news, I got my Chimera out of besieged F-D this morning without incident and both it and the Wyvern are safe from the immediate front lines.


  1. Meh, time zone war, man. It's getting me all tense and irritable. Hopefully PL will at least give us fights in euro/US time.

    Any case, no doubt that it's serious. It started about two months ago, and they're still making progress; compare that with max 2, which was over after two months.

  2. as a RAGE grunt, who formerly lost his space to the same people (WN, RA, deathxx) around a year ago this time (was under atlas in detroid) im ready to bitchslap some ruskie ass and fight....for my now utterly useless space

    not looking forward to PL fights though....

  3. n00b questions here. Are DRF/invading forces good friends with AAA and Stainwagon in the south? It would be cool if the majority of 0.0 teamed up against NC, though I doubt the NC could be broken.

    Also, another n00b question. With this war going, is my following, n00bified breakdown of powerblocs accurate?

    NW: DC
    W: old IT space not taken yet
    S: AAA/Stainwagon (friends, right?)
    E: DRF

    As it stands, we have DRF vs. NC, with DC and AAA standing by?

  4. Hurm, I should do another powerblock map. I keep waiting for somebody to take IT's stuff, but it keeps not happening.

    Anyhow, my understanding is that AAA+stainwagon+whatever are actually on pretty bad terms with the DRF and don't cooperate with them, though they never seem to fight either. As for the map, a strong majority of people are invading already. AFAIK only AAA+co are sitting it out, and they're pretty useless (drakes).

    In terms of coalitions, basically west and northwest are DC, north and vale/geminate are NC, east and southeast are DRF, and south and southwest (excluding PL and IT) are AAA+stainwagon+whatever.

    In the war, NC and DC are allied; DRF and PL are allied; and evoke/ncdot are allied. The NC is fighting the PL and the DRF in geminate and vale, and DC are fighting evoke/NCdot in pure blind.

  5. DRF destroyed AAA. AAA was in the process of wresting their space back from DRF when they became distracted with helping destroy IT and gaining better space in Querious and Delve. PL crushed AAA's dreams. Will AAA now turn its attention back to retaking its space in Immensea and Tenerifis back from the DRF while DRF is occupied in the north with NC?