Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Art of "AH SHIT"

February started so nicely with a handful of good PvP success, and then the second half of the month went so poorly. First, I lost a gaming night to Valentine's Day and then when I did get on I chose not to join the cap fleet with an unknown FC and instead burned Kla'strit out in a Recon to the operation area in Geminate to get on two measly SBU kills. Then I traded my free night from Monday to Sunday in an effort to get some more kills on the tail of the month and I failed to get any kills due to bad timing.

Allow me to elaborate.

I've got Kirith in the Wyvern sitting in Tribute and Kla'strit in Vale of the Silent in his Rapier. I log in and there is a fleet going for subcaps and caps in Geminate but I'm too far away in Tribute to get there easily in the supercarrier and I figured I might start to catch flak for showing up with Kla in a recon instead of logi or a Maelstrom.

Normally, this bitchy little logistics of moving stuff I would take care of in my 'inbetween' times but life has changed and the opportunity to do so has nearly evaporated.

Determined to make the fleet or die trying, I bought a new Maelstrom for Kla'strit in Vale and headed out to join the fleet with a Drake pilot in Geminate. We made it there without incident... just as the fleet was done and jump bridged back to Vale. DOH! Fortunately, I was able to catch the bridge and save ten jumps.

Now the fleet was going to rest for what I thought was 15 minutes and then take off to kill some SBUs. "Ah, I thought, a chance to get my Wyvern to the deployment zone and catch this fleet!" I thought. However, to my dismay the rally point was two jumps away (Jump Drive Calibration V going in queue in 3, 2, 1...). No worries, there was a jump bridge in system to a mid point I could jump from in one jump.

Except the jump bridge lacked the fuel and being in a different alliance, I could not put liquid ozone into it from my ship. And a 50 man fleet of Northern Coalition DOT jumped into system while I was in warp.

"AH SHIT!" Didn't we leave those guys in Providence?

I logged off without aggro figuring I wouldn't give them the chance to stumble across my ass.

"Oh well," I thought, "I'll still use Kla'strit."

... Except the wait was 45 minutes instead of 15. Realizing that was pushing at my limits of starting an op, I decided to get in position to move the Wyvern later this week to the rally point where it will be easier to catch up with the fleet. Dejected that I failed to contribute meaningfully, I went back to the Rapier and got the cyno and fuel readied.

Better luck in March.

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  1. Hey man I know rl can make things in game seem pointless or take the fun but please dont stop blogging or playing eve would be a lesser place without you.