Thursday, January 20, 2011

Obligatory New Avatar Post

Click for 512x512 goodness!
Since its all the rage...

I tried to keep the same feel of the new Kirith Kodachi, an angry man who is slightly broken and haunted by his past. I also found some time to do Korannon and Korneilia but don't have the images here, probably post all the rest of the crew once complete.

I find it amusing how much people are enjoying making characters and the variety of avatars even with the horribly limited number of clothing options and extra options not available yet. I miss Kirith's big scar for example, or the metal face implants Korannon has.

Oh well.

Also, got two of Korneilia's four extraction planets reconfigured, hopefully do the rest tonight. I upgraded the command centres to hopefully increase extraction rates. MOAR ISK!


  1. Not too shabby! Nicely done.

  2. Nice job man!

    I think the lack of options shows how Incarna will be implemented... a very tiny bit at a time.