Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Don't Even

I haven't been in game longer than seconds since BMTHOKK on Monday night. This is due primarily to not downloading the patch until I got home from work and then being busy all night with the video editing of the Fraps clips I got from the event. I figured I should take care of that before I lost the night to character avatar creation.

In game, I did the big move of all my stuff to our staging area using the original Ninveah carrier and the Shaitann Wyvern. Since my alt has her jump drive skills up to snuff I was able to jump them together with Kirith being the bodyguard in the Ninveah since the alt's skills in energy and shield transfer, not to mention no drone skills at all, are not up to par.

It was four ninja jumps through quiet low sec systems, and only once did the cyno get investigated by a local. When I jump in both the carrier and supercarrier peel off in a random direction from the cyno and cloak up. In this one case an Absolution command ship warps in at 100 to the cyno and started closing. I figured the cyno ship was dead but didn't care, I was more concerned about him decloaking the capitals. I tried to throw him off by logging the chimera out so he could see it e-warp off and think that was all, but he stayed around and at one point came within 15 km of the cloaked super capital ship. Another ship arrived at range, a Hurricane, and they looked like they were not friendly to each other. Eventually both left and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Now I need to get my clones up to the North and get deployed in null sec again before my directors come around with the metal hockey stick wondering why I'm lazing about in Tehskat still.


  1. Up to the North. Hmmmmm.

  2. Q: What do you call an Alliance that gets a Titan tackled ever week?

    A: FCON!

  3. Rixx if you never have anything nice to say. Bugger off.

  4. Now Mush, Kirith knows I'm only teasing as should you. Plus I didn't make that up, someone else did.

  5. You can't tackle a Titan with a Kestrel...